About Medellin

Forget everything you’ve read about Medellin – it’s probably old news by now. Today, it’s one of Latin America’s safest big cities, and also one of its most pleasant.  Medellin is emerging as an appealing overseas retirement haven, with its pleasant climate, scenery, cultural and recreational diversions and friendly people are drawing individuals from all over the world to the Eternal Spring City.

For visitors and residents alike Medellin offers the following,

Weather: Medellin is blessed with an all year round, spring-like climate is perpetually pleasant and seldom too hot or cold, hence the cities motto ‘City of Eternal Spring’. As Medellin is located in a tropical country, the absence of air conditioners often takes foreign visitors by surprise. Fresh air comes from the mountains surrounding Medellin on all sides, and provides it with the perfect climate. The majority of restaurants are in open air
environment, without walls.

    Medellin by Day    Medellin at Night

Views: Medellin is nestled in the Aburrá Valley of the Andes. You are surrounded on all four sides by breathtaking green mountains, a sea of red clay tiles and red brick buildings interspersed regularly by swatches of foliage and flowers there seem to be stunning views wherever you look.

Cleanliness: Medellin is impressively green, with trees, plants, and small gardens everywhere, and remarkably clean. In the central neighborhoods, you see no litter. You can drink the water from the tap directly.

People of Medellin
People of Medellin

People: People from Medellin (‘Paisas’ as they are called) are famous for their friendliness, beauty and ingenuity. Its home to about 3.5 million Paisas, is a perfect size city, not too small or big. People are well mannered, friendly, and gentle. They are very hospitable, warm, ever-ready to lend a hand, and welcoming to foreign residents.



Infrastructure: The modern city of Medellin has two airports, a new International and a Local airport, a world class, modern, clean and efficient Metro System, two bus terminals connecting Medellin with rest of Colombia, huge taxi fleet, and local bus system. You don’t need a car due to the well establish transit system. The taxis are painted yellow and metered, with an average cab fare of under US$4.

With its network of hospitals and clinics, Medellin offers first class and affordable health-care. It’s also the literary and artistic hub of Colombia with many museums and festivals. With over 35 universities the city has a highly educated workforce. City is business friendly and hosts numerous international conferences and events.



As South America’s longest standing democracy, Colombia remains the United States’ staunchest ally in the region. With a vastly improved security situation and a murder rate lower than many US cities, Medellin is one of the safest cities in Central or South America.


Economy: Medellin is the second most important economic center of Colombia. The main economic products are steel, textiles, confections, food and beverage, agriculture, public services, chemical products and pharmaceuticals, refined oil, and flowers. Fashion is a major part of the economy and culture of the city. Medellin is known as the Milan of Latin America and hosts Latin America’s biggest fashion show, Colombiamoda. Tourism has strongly developed in Medellin in recent years.

Nightlife and Shopping:  Medellin offers has a bustling nightlife with an unstoppable momentum. To truly understand Medellin, you have to see its people in party mode. Paisas love to dress up, show off, throw some money around, and have a good time while they’re at it. The city is bustling, modern, and has everything from large shopping malls to mom-and-pop stores.


One visit to Medellin and you are in love. Recent poll showed that “99% foreign visitors to Medellin highly satisfied”. With Colombia’s economic growth prospects and a continuous decline of US dollar value, Medellin offers a great choice for property investment.  With its low cost of living and affordable real-estate prices, NOW is a great time to buy property in Medellin.