These properties are all part of different apartment complexes with 24/7 security.

183,805.82Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 2Size ft²: 957, Size m²: 89View Listing
115,729.59Bedrooms: 2, Bathrooms: 2Size ft²: 968, Size m²: 90View Listing
275,701.43Bedrooms: 3, Bathrooms: 4Size ft²: 1593.1, Size m²: 148View Listing
170,186.07Bedrooms: 3, Bathrooms: 3.5Size ft²: 1668, Size m²: 155View Listing
134,446.99Bedrooms: 3, Bathrooms: 3Size ft²: 1291, Size m²: 120View Listing
265,479.28Bedrooms: 4, Bathrooms: 4Size ft²: 2131, Size m²: 198View Listing
115,714.25Bedrooms: 3, Bathrooms: 3Size ft²: 90, Size m²: 968.75View Listing
442,436.85Bedrooms: 6+, Bathrooms: 6+Size ft²: 3638, Size m²: 338View Listing
442,190.81Bedrooms: 3, Bathrooms: 3.5Size ft²: 2938.54, Size m²: 273View Listing
118,343.19Bedrooms: 3, Bathrooms: 2Size ft²: 83, Size m²: 893View Listing
250,600.39Bedrooms: 1, Bathrooms: 1Size ft²: 1614, Size m²: 150View Listing
1,391,062.42Bedrooms: 5, Bathrooms: 6+Size ft²: 8072, Size m²: 750View Listing